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Cha Ching

December 24, 2012


Category: Banking & Finance
Published on Monday, 08 October 2012 19:23
Written by Edmund Lao / Personal Finance

WHAT sound does the cash register produce when it is operated?

It goes like this: Cha-Ching!

Just who or what is Cha-Ching? Let me share this story.

One time, I had a presentation meeting with Ms. Reena Villamor. After the presentation, our conversation gradually shifted to personal finance and later, I was introduced to Cha-Ching.

I was surprised to know that Cha-Ching is an advocate of personal finance, whose mission is to reach out to school children nationwide and promote financial literacy. Evidently, the young ones are easier to teach compared to the young “ONCE.” By teaching children, the correct habits are being created while young. Grown- ups have a hard time to unlearn and relearn. As the saying goes, “It is difficult to teach an old dog new tricks.”

Cha-Ching teaches us to be smart with money with the four basic concepts:

EARN – This is the most basic step to generating income. To have money, one must earn it by working. There is truth to the saying that money does not grow on trees. Without earning, how can one be able to have money to save, spend or even donate?

SAVE – Saving is a FUNdamental and important habit. Without savings, we can’t buy the things we need specially on an emergency. It must be noted that saving is actually a disciplined way of “paying yourself first”. With enough money saved, one can be able to grow and not blow his money by investing it properly. Actually, saving is an expense that buys into one’s future.

SPEND – Children has to be taught how to spend wisely, determine needs from wants. They have to be informed about instant and delayed gratification. Ours has become a generation of reckless spenders and consumers. The best way to build wealth is to keep track of expenses by creating a budget to keep expenses in check.

DONATE – There are always people who have less than us and it is important to share. There is always joy in sharing one’s blessing. But before we can give to others, we must be first be able to give to ourselves. We just can’t give what we do not have.

By listening to their songs, kids have fun and learn from the  following lines:

An entrepreneur makes the best of things turns wants and needs into happenings. An entrepreneur dreams sky high, brings ideas to life and can make them fly. An entrepreneur is super clever.

Keep your spending habits at bay. Don’t need to spent it straight away.

Maybe if I watch all the money that I make, I won’t just throw it away.  I’ll give spending a break.

Saving for something is a good lesson to learn. A penny saved is a penny earned.

Interest is a gift for every dollar you deposit.

Long-term savings helps my dreams come true.

My future looks bright because I am saving for success.

Saving extra come what may. Lets the sun shine on your dime, all the time. Make a plan, call it just in case. It’s insurance when your budget’s out of place.

For every dollar that comes from your heart, helps someone in need to make a new start.

Let me introduce you to Cha-Ching.  Cha-Ching is a band composed of six characters that can be seen in the Cartoon Network and the web ( The characters work together to help each other make the right financial decision on the money they earned from performing shows. The band is composed of:

Justin the entrepreneur, a fun-loving guy who has lots of great ideas in making money;

Pepper the reckless, a careless spender ad shopaholic who wants everything she sees;

Charity the giver, who lives up to her name and loves to share blessings;

Bobby the gentle giant, who is not money smart and always ends up spending all of his money;

Zui the sensible, is always a good listener who learns quickly and shares his learning with his fellow band members; and

Prudence the smart one, who is a meticulous money-saver, thanks to her parents’ teaching her about  the value of saving early. Always helpful, Prudence teaches her friends why it is good to save for their long-term dreams.

If readers can remember my past article “The Right Education,” I stressed the importance of having financial literacy as part of the school’s curriculum. What the government failed to do, Cha-Ching has taken one small step but one giant leap to change the next generation for the better.

Cha-Ching is one of the examples of Pru Life UK’s long- standing commitment of giving back to the community. I am honored to have met Ms. Reena Villamor, the warm and friendly AVP of Marketing and Communications of Pru Life UK who shared Cha-Ching to me.


Edmund Lao is registered financial planner of RFP Philippines. To learn more about financial planning, attend our FREE personal finance talk and know how to become RFP7 p.m. on October 10  at PSE Center. Reserve your slot now at or visit


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