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BDO Easy Investment Program EIP Seminar

February 24, 2013
BDO Financial Wellness Seminar Through Easy Investment Program
It was a sunny Saturday morning (February 23, 2013) and I am on my way to BDO Head Office to attend a financial wellness seminar that I learned from a colleague. I already have in mind what was going to be discussed since I have attended their talk in the past seminar by RFP Randell Tiongson.
The seminar venue was held at the 2nd Floor of the North Tower Bldg. Upon arriving at the venue, I was surprised to see that the room was full. I was surprised since I expect people to take for granted free seminars. At least for this batch, there is an evidence of a change in mindset. Maybe people are now ready to invest in their education. There is a line that goes “If education is expensive, try ignorance”. This time, education is not expensive because it is free, and the expensive part is not getting this free education.
In the past seminar I attended where BDO presented the EIP as a step to achieving financial peace, the presentation focused on UITF and the features. It was good that I already know how UITF works, or else I would have ended up more confused.
This time around, the program started with a short film about Juan dela Cruz interviewing 4 employees from different industry and Mr BDO. Miss Joan Medrano was correct when she said the film will serve as a wake up call to the attendees. After the film showing, Ms Medrano started to share the basics of financial planning, the importance of saving, hindrances to saving, investing to make money work.
The audiences are all attentive and are asking good questions. That shows the interest of the group in starting their education.
After the concept comes the solution. The process of saving, investing,cost averaging, outpacing inflation can be achieved through the BDO EIP. The EIP is BDO’s way of making investment affordable to the Filipinos through their UITF. By saving Php 1000 per month, the investing public can now take part in investing indirectly in the stock market by leveraging on the expertise of their fund managers.
There will still be upcoming seminar on financial wellness. For future schedules, please check it out at
Remember, the best things in life are free. Attend BDO’s free seminar and start your quest for financial freedom.

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