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What is Retirement to You?

July 26, 2013

What is Retirement to You?


I’m finally back!  It’s glad to be back at writing once again after almost 10 days of trips in and out of Manila.  I just miss this aspect of what I do as it just allows me to share things and reach more people than my talks or 1:1 meetings go.  To kick things off again, we’ll continue with our retirement series where we talk about different things about retirement.  I placed an online poll over twitter and facebook as to what age would each person would want to reply.  Based on the 1451 responses almost 50% wanted to retire by their 40′s.  What amazed me was each person had his or her own take on retirement and want it meant to them along with the ages that they all wanted to retire.  There is no right or wrong age when is the best time to retire but one thing I know for sure is the earlier you prepare for it the better!  The earlier you start, the earlier you can have your money work hard for you.  If you are starting a bit later in your retirement planning don’t fret cause I believe it’s never too late to start.  Whatever you have missed out before I believe God can turn things around for good!  All is well and I believe greater things are ahead for you and your finances.

To keep up with the theme, I have requested a good friend and RFP, Edmund Lao to share his insights on what retirement is.  Enjoy!

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